The 7 Essentials of the Noha Originals

      1. Windows; size and shape enable children to grab, steer and fully control the movement of the car. To sense the motion is a very special feeling.

        1. Wheels; edges trimmed to reduce rolling friction between the wheels and body. Wide wheels enhance grip and stability. Highly appreciated by toddlers and small children.

        1. Axles; oversized of beech-wood for improved durability to withstand years of active playing. All-natural wax applied to lubricate the turning parts of the car. The car rolls effortlessly.

        1. Body; slight rounded soft edges with no textures; a real pleasure to touch the smooth surface. A meticulous polish adds shine, which highlights the elegant body shape.

        1. Lights; to show the direction we are driving. The colors (red/white) add contrast and discrete accent to the natural look.

        1. Glue and surface treatment; Glued with certified non-toxic adhesives. No surface treatment has been done. It ensures the car is as pure a product as possible.

        1. Finish; at the end of the assembly process, upon a final polish, we inspect and subject each car to our stringent quality check. The logo is applied to certify it is an original quality product from Noha. 

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