The Noha Story

Noha wooden design toy cars

Why We Make them

The ideas behind Noha came about in 2002 when the Founder Mr. Lars Christiansen developed the first prototypes of today’s Noha Cars. Central to his thoughts was to revive the appreciation of quality, natural materials and the skillful work of Nordic hands. 

At Noha we pursue the ambition to make every item as pure, attractive and inspiring as possible. We want nothing less than to make our originals come to life.


What are Noha Originals

From the beginning our aim was to create a shape that would characterize the Noha Originals collection. The sleek curves of the body, coupled with the oversized wheels constitute the visual character of each of our 4-wheeled hardwood creations. The Noha Cars are so easy to grab, hold and steer. 

The Originals belong to a family of many members who we have given gender-neutral names to emphasize the happy feeling is for everyone. Together, all of them invite role-playing, human interaction and inspire happiness. 

 Take Care of Your Noha Original


Noha wooden design toy cars front

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